Services We Offer:

Below is a sampling of the immigration work we do and the type of cases we take on. Please know that every case is different and requires the experience of an attorney to determine the best approach.

Family Immigration

When U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents file petitions for family members, there may be many years of uncertainly until Visas become available.  Wendy and Bertha can advise you on when and how to proceed with an application for green card and manage the stressful work of providing correct documents, sponsor information and either presenting the case at a U.S. Consulate or at a Regional Immigration Office.    If your case requires a Waiver for Unlawful Presence. Wendy will work with you to provide the extensive documentation USCIS expects so that your time away from your family is no more than necessary.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Young people who entered the United States before the age 16 and before June 15, 2007, are now eligible for employment authorization. You will want to schedule an appointment to learn more and be sure that your case will be approved.


When people are “picked up” for deportation, the family often is thrown into a state of panic, and too frightened to attempt to stop the deportation.  In cases where there is serious prior criminal history or immigration problems, the person may be deported before there is any opportunity to stop it.  But in many cases, it is possible to obtain the person’s release on bond and then fight the deportation in court.  Call our office to ask Wendy to go to work immediately to assist.

Sometimes, people are placed in deportation proceedings with a court date in the future.  You want an attorney who has the expertise and experience to obtain permanent immigration relief, if that is at all possible.  We have won numerous court cases of this sort.

Maintaining Permanent Resident Status and Applying for Citizenship

It may seem that a simple application to renew a green card or become a Citizen is uncomplicated and does not require an attorney, but do you know if your law violation, your travel, or your financial situation could make you ineligible?  If you are not, your Immigration fee will not be refunded and you could put yourself at risk of being placed in Immigration Proceedings.  Wendy and Bertha can provide the advice you need to be sure you are successful and safe.

Refugee Family Cases

Because Wendy worked specifically with refugees for five years, she understands the unique laws that allow refugees to petition family members to the United States.

People Who Entered the U.S. without Documents or Stayed Beyond Their Visas:

Sometimes people may be eligible for Immigration Relief and do not know it.  These may include victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes, spouses of U.S. Citizens, abandoned children, and others.   You can trust Wendy and Bertha to provide confidential, accurate information as you plan for your future.  

VAWA and “U” Visas

Undocumented people who are victims of violent crimes may be eligible for Immigration Relief through special provisions in the laws.  If you were married to a documented person and suffered domestic violence, or you were the victim of another type of violent crime and assisted law enforcement in the investigation, you will want a consultation to see if these laws can help you.


Asylum laws were established to provide safety to people who need to escape persecution in their home country.  The person may have fled their home because of domestic violence, religious persecution, political persecution, or some similar violence that is targeted at them or their family.  Generally, the person should file these claims within one year of arriving in the United States, but there are some exceptions.  Asylum cases require considerable research and an attorney who listens to you to understand your situation and the reasons you fled your home country.  

Removal Defense such as Cancellation of Removal

Cancellation of Removal is a form of Immigration Relief that can only be granted to a person in deportation proceedings before an Immigration Judge.  10 years of physical presence is required, as well as specific documented family members.  When you are facing deportation, you want an attorney who has experience fighting and winning in Immigration Court.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

Seeing a need for children in the community to be able establish status when they are left without one or both parents, our office began representing young people with Special Immigrant Juvenile Status processes in 2018.  If you know someone under 21 who is undocumented and who has experienced abandonment, neglect or abuse by one or both parents, but continues to live here, call for an appointment with Bertha.  She will help them sort through the requirements and steps to become permanent residents, if possible.