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Welcome to Hernandez Immigration Law

We are 100% dedicated to helping our clients achieve success in their immigration process.

It is not wise to send petitions or applications to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) without knowing for certain that the request will be approved.  Not only can you lose large sums of money, but you can even put yourself at risk for deportation proceedings.    If the case is complicated by prior criminal history or immigration problems, it may require extensive research that only an attorney can do.  Wendy will draw from her years of experience and training to review your immigration case, answer questions, and give you advice regarding how you can be successful in your immigration case.

                                           “I was amazed when I went to the Consulate and got my Visa the same day without any problems!”                                                            -Family Petition, Mexico

                                                                                                           “Getting my papers has changed my life.”                                                                                                               -Deportation Case, Mexico

                                                      “God has given us the best lawyer anyone could ever have. We will remember you forever. ”                                                          -Asylum, Middle East

                                                                                  “Praise God! My kids are coming! I can’t believe it is happening to me. ”                                                                                   -U Visa, Asia

You may find Hernandez Immigration Law fees somewhat lower than those of other immigration attorneys.  This reflects our commitment to provide excellent representation for Walla Walla community members at an affordable rate. Fees vary according to the complexity of the case. We will discuss fees at your initial consultation so that you know what to expect. To schedule a consultation, click here.